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Categories: 6L Rigid flex board
Model: F6GA25088B1

    1. Material:FR4 +Polyimide
    2. Layer Count : 6 L
    3. Surface finish: ENIG
    4. Board Thickness : 1.50mm
    5. Special : Flex part on L2 to L5 layer

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Detailed Info

一、 Spec

Ø        6 Layer Rigid-Flex board

Ø        Surface finishENIG

Ø        Rigid: L1L6Flex: L2-3,L4-5Solder mask both side

Ø        The rigid board over flex part is to be cut out and plugged by peelable mask  afterwards

Ø        Press L1-6 with 4 layer Flex board(L2-5)

Ø        Drilling: 0.3mm(min)Trace width/space: 0.15mm/0.15mm

Ø         Over all thickness: 1.5mm±10%mm


二、Layer stack-up




KeyWords : Rigid: L1,L6,Flex: L2-3, L4-5,Press L1-6 with 4 layer Flex board(L2-5),Rigid flex PCB , Professional Manufacturer
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